It’s The Grammys Baeby!

The prestigious 55th annual grammy awards in recap, and no I wasn’t there yet again. *puppy-face* The highlights of the night anchored by LL Cool J, for me are -Seeing Jay and Bey together; always a sight to see. -Beyonce and Ellen introducing Justin Timberlake; Beyonce was just so sweet and Ellen was just ridiculously […]

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WANDE COAL I recently ran into Wande Coal’s Mushin to Mohits debut and just had to cop it again. If only I knew I wasn’t prepared for what was in store for me. This album I have to certify my official best 9ja album. It provides everything you want in an album and is fit […]


Don’t Touch My Radio!

Don’t Touch My Radio. Really I aint playin, don’t touch my radio main. There’s certain hours of the day you can’t tell me nothing- when I’m listening to Kanye or when I’m listening to my favorite OAPs on the radio. Even my momma knows that. Call me boring, call me whatever but the radio is […]

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On The Edge

On the Edge Last year no doubt brought along with it a lot of interesting drama waiting to unfurl and has left us all hanging on the edge of our seats…hence the title. (yea whatever) Even Nollywood aint got nothing on the music industry drama right now! So many questions begging to be answered leaving […]

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