Streetz Ti Take Over

Streetz Ti Take Over!

Disclaimer: Errr If you can’t do the “Shaku-Shaku” dance kindly move to the next post, cos this is clearly not for you.
And in the famous words of Small Doctor, “If You No Get Money… (Well you know the rest).

Now, I believe that makes you reading this either “Omo Shepeteri” or “Science Student”. (dodges pure water lol)

The music industry is presently abuzz right now with a new bust of energy from the Streetz of Nigeria, especially the centre of excellence, Lafiaji (in Vector’s voice). It’s taken over the mainland and island and evidently beyond.
It’s suddenly Cool to tell your clique “I Rep The Streetz” without raised eye brows.
Like How did this happen? When did this transition take place?? Who are the “Expendables” of the Streetz???

Olamide aka Badoo practically took the industry and turnt it 180 degrees. Well, technically Dagrin (RIP) started the movement but that’s another argument all together (look out for my next post.)
Olamide defied all doubts and critics when he beat the statistics.
He’s definitely come a long way since “Eni Duro” launched him into the music scene. With hits upon hits and back to back banger albums he’s proven all critics wrong. He did this by simply targeting and capturing his core market, the streets, managed to stay focused and his dedication to them paid off as it did not only win him their followership but their cult-tight loyalty. You only need to catch his Live Performance to understand what I’m talking about. A few of his catalogue include Shakiti Bobo, Konkobility, Wo and now Science Students.

Phyno, or Phynofino as he is fondly called, the lyrical beast from the East literally took his craft straight from the same street OT (manual) as Olamide. Targeting the fans from the streets of the east he easily won their love and loyalty. With tracks like Alobam, Connect, Fada Fada, he established himself to be anything but another one-hit-wonder, as he’s definitely here to stay. Teaming up with Olamide to deliver a series of chart topping, club popping Collabos certainly was a match made in “Sinners’ Temple” (I joke, I kid). The two became our very own Methodman and Redman (or close). Winning over the East Coast fans and the West Coast fans. Honestly these two could really unite Nigeria with their Performances.

Reminisce. Where does one start with the self acclamed King of Ibile. Gifted with the gift of gab, his lyrics could literally give your girl an eargasm right beside you. (Don’t invite him to perform on your wedding day pls, a word is enough for the wise)

There’s a certain “sine qua non” quality about the swag of the Streetz. The “High” energy, the survival instinct mentality (they don’t die, they multiply). You just can’t resist it. Seriously just try and watch your feet deny you.
Small Doctor, CDQ, Seriki, Slim case, Mr Real, DJ Enimony, the list is endless really. The streetz without a doubt has taken over.
Sorry, I have to go now, the “Shaku-Shaku” spirit is already flowing from my feet to my thumbs. Cos when you hear Idowest say “Awon OmoShepeteri” you just have to scream “Omo Shepete Po!”


11 thoughts on “Streetz Ti Take Over

  1. Nice…
    Reminisce remains my best. May not be as popular as Olamide but I love his flows, punchlines and the funny way he pronounces the word ‘dangerous’. Lol

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