The List That Got Rappers Shook!

The List That Got Rappers Shook!

NotjustOk recently compiled a list of their top 10 Most gifted 9ja rappers and the industry went berserk. Every rapper that didn’t make the cut basically went caustic on Twitter. I won’t say I totally agree with the list but it seems pretty accurate. Although to disambiguate a rapper from a lyricist- MI is the best rapper and Mode9 is best lyricist. So MI probably should be number one on the list.
My argument is simple. It takes a truly gifted rapper to bridge the gap between commercial and underground music successfully. A feat MI has accomplished better than every other rapper.

Interestingly some notable emcees and major industry players have expressed their disapproval of the list. Godwon has especially been pretty vocal about his and even took shots at Sauce on Twitter. Hopefully they settle it out in the studio. Some diss tracks for the fans maybe? No beef like when friends turn enemies *evil grin*

The list does raise a few questions though. What qualifies as a gifted rapper? Can there really be a unanimously accepted best rapper? Which of your other favorite rappers should have made the list? And my favorite, Is English the only acceptable language for rap?

That being said, this is a wake-up call for the rappers who haven’t been putting in enough work and also to those who have been resting on their laurels. And like Wale aptly put it, “this industry is an establishment but you aint never established.”


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