BET Best International Act. How Ice Prince Did It!

When the BET Awards 2013 nominees list was released, we were impressed to see Nigeria well represented. When we saw snapshots of Ice with Wale and MH, we knew it was getting real. When they announced the winner of the Best International Act- Africa and we heard ICE PRINCE! Yes we were proud of our very own Zamani, Choc City’s finest.
But he didn’t get here overnight. It took a long time coming and yes , it took mad years of hustle, sweat and patience. Go figure, cos ain’t no real success with no rigour. I remember the first time I heard Ice on a joint, Supernatural as far back as 2006, I became an automatic fan.
The rap industry was patiently waiting and anticipating his official take-over, it just never happened. Then Mr Incredible, MI came on board repping J-town and bringing along Ice together with Jagz. The trio would later become 9ja’s dopest eMCees- The Choc Boys, that gave us bangers like Blaze, Nobody Test Me, Somebody Wants To Die, Safe, Anoti, Short Black Boy, Bend Down Low, Pump It Up, Wetin Dey, etc.
Iceprince never got his due shine all the while but kept on pushing the limits and doing features. He got on Jimmy’s Jump-off and ripped the mic off with his freestyle. He also battled head-to-head with his industry mates on Henessy Artistry competition and eventually won the grand prize. This I believe helped regain his confidence.
He finally struck gold when he got his label mate, freshly signed Brymo in the studio. The product was a sure hit. Oleku instantly went viral, becoming listeners’ favorite especially among the ladies, sweeping airwaves across the nation, topping major charts and knocking off all other songs. It easily broke caller-tunes record and later went on to win him Song of the Year on major Nigerian award shows.
That evidently put him in the limelight, raising both fans and record label expectations high. Was it just a fluke? His follow-up sequel Superstar sealed the deal and shut all unbelievers up when it equally went on topping charts locally and internationally.
His debut album Everybody Loves Iceprince later dropped to both critical and friendly review. Rap heads claiming that he sold out and lost his lyrical prowess, party lovers rating the album as a favorite, while others had mixed feelings. He later raised the bar even further with an international Video remix of Magician featuring Gyptian, a phenomenal fit.
Ice has always commanded an air of swag, confidence and industry respect anywhere he performed and this continued to endear him to his fans especially the female folk. He managed to get into some controversies while having the time of his life. He got a babymama, dated some notable celebrities and deservedly got some robust endorsements.
When Aboki, his BET award winning track dropped, it spiralled to the top of the charts and showed his consistency. Ice has evidently found his comfort zone and carved his niche in the crowded rap industry. He is definitely doing it BIG and you can peep that on his fresh video VIP. The best part- he is just getting started. To be a bit cliche, I believe he is up to something titanic and we have only seen the tip of the ice-berg. I hope we survive this

Sealed, signed and delivered phresh’n hot.
Ishur boy still,


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