Read Between The Lines Already!

Read Between The Lines Already!

I try to shy away from controversial posts but some things are just too glaring it’s blindening. I’m tired of listening to arguments about he said she said what? Come on mehn, some things shouldn’t even be said coz they’re right thurr.
First of all (before you go down low), Wizkid and Davido ain’t all so tight, you don’t need to hear from the horses’ mouths. Otherwise why didn’t either feature on the other’s projects?
They don’t need to spell it out for you, there’s either a silent beef about a “girl” or “who’s hotter” or who’s richer?
The beef might have been media induced, I don’t care.

Can’t believe some fans are still picking sides and crying over Dbanj and Donjazzy split?! Like you needa grow up already. These two are business men, even if they might have been friends first. They’ve moved on to greater things and some of y’all are there trying to put super glue on broken bones. Kindly take handkerchief for your sweat and tic-tac for your breath.
If you will just enjoy their separate individual music and other projects you’ll appreciate what they got going for themselves and frankly I don’t need a crystal ball to know they’ll eventually team up later.

On to the next one. Everyone’s tryna generate beef between 9ja rappers. Some of these rappers even orchestrate it themselves. I call it austerity measures. Fact is, no one wants to die, any beef you hear now is pure publicity stunt. Niccurs gotta pay bills ya know. So, MI and Olamide might not be buddies but I don’t see any beef coming off of that. Vector recently disclaimed any official beef with Reminisce too. With Muna and Modenine, well there are two things involved… lol

I miss the days of 9ice and Ruggedman tho. And the divas in the game are being too safe jor. We needa girl-fight already. (Lol. Don’t mind me, perv tinz)

On this note I hope these endless arguments will reduce. And yea, wassup with everyone buying Bentley these days, did I miss something? I needa hit the studio soon mehn, Hola! Outie.


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