LOVE Is Magic

Found this poem I wrote once upon a love story so I thought I’d share it with yall. Here it goes…

Love should be simple, not so complicated
Something like cartoons, but not so animated
Love like a child- innocent, true and pure
Not like a wild adult- manipulative and insecure
Love is a sickness, and only love is the cure
Love is your best friend, sincerely yours
Love like your first time- you wonna make it work
Forget about the last time, no matter how deep it hurt
Let me tell you a secret, hope you can keep it
Love is a sweet music- put it on repeat
You don’t have to lie, don’t have to cheat
Cos there goes the trust, and away goes the treat
Love is a sweet dream- you don’t have to wake up
Just go back to sleep and pray it don’t fade off
Love is sacrifice- not always paradise
cos if you feel no pain- you’re just paralysed
Love is 50/50- but expect less, give more
Not finding faults- who’s rich, who’s poor
Love maybe full of doubts, but only love is truly sure
Love is trust, respect and understanding above all.
Love is life- search for it and grab it
Love is like a spell- love is…magic.

Ohboy, I must have been whipped mehn. Don’t even know if I still believe all these but hey, it’s worth believing abeg!


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