Started From The Bottom, The Wizkid Story.

Started From The Bottom, The Wizkid Story.

Nobody remembers the struggle. No, they always seem to forget. Nobody remembers when the kid was just a hustler not so long ago, when nobody cared about the kid on the streets of Surulere on empty stomach, under the hot scorching sun. Nobody remembers how long he was a studio rat just hoping to hear his song recorded by OJB. Nobody remembers those long boring days when the girls won’t say hi or even hola at the boy. Days when dude had to fabricate stories about his music hustle just to sound cool. Nobody remembers when this kid was squatting back in Lasu and sleeping on bare rugged rug, no pillows. Nobody remembers how many booty calls he made those cold nights when this cat got no p**sy. Nobody even remembers how he would fight over slices of bread and butter (or ewa Nobody remembers he used to borrow shirts to go to some places. How he trekked the city of Lagos just to be heard, and to get air play on the radio. Nobody remembers he started as a rapper, tried even patois before singing. Nobody remembers how many times people turned this kid down.
But his turning point wasn’t when he met MI and Choc City, not even earlier when he met Naeto C and Storms, when Ikechukwu thought he would be a waste. Can you blame him though, when GT the guitar man was already a loss, scratch that, let me rephrase that, A Total Flop! I mean how can you have all that talent but no swag or confidence to back it up? Admit it, yall saw it too, that stupid look GT always wore when singing. How you gon be singing to a girl but looking like you wanking to her profile pics! Ok back to my story, where was I? Ah, yes. This kid’s turning point would eventually come when MI introduced him to Banky W, in a most casual yet fate-ordained circumstance that would forever be one of the crucial moments in his life.
Now we hear his name headlining every news, listen to his music at every club, topping charts, read about him on every soft sell magazine and every blog, locally and globally. All he has to do is cough, breaking news. I mean, now this kid got record labels fighting over him, now all the girls want to know who he is dating, now even MTV mama wants a taste of the kid. And yes, since he became bestie to Chris Breezy all the homies that stopped calling him are scrolling down their contacts (try again bro, he changed those lines 365 days ago, times a couple more years). Now every up-coming act wants to make a name by trying to cook up beef with him. Nuff said.
That’s the story of how starboy Wizkid Started From The Bottom, And Now He’s Here. So all you niggies singing along to that Drake’s track with so much passion and devotion, pray tell, what’s your own story?


6 thoughts on “Started From The Bottom, The Wizkid Story.

  1. Hommie, baffles me hw d story-line ends wen it jst started. So much wanking around 2 get off on one line. What’s reaLly d story? MI introduced him 2 Banky?
    D̶̲̥̅̊ƌ̲̣̣̣̥†s all. Fuck! Why’s dis news worth blogging abt. Wats d new, in ur news? No vex, but I was actually yearning wen I saw d title.

  2. Now dis is doing it for d love of d game…u dont give up no matter d circumstance. U can take a rest tho…make u no kill ursef!

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