Sinzu Is No Longer My Best Rapper!


As far as 9ja rap music is concerned little will say they don’t know Sinzu (formerly Sauce Kid). In fact even fewer will probably say they didn’t at some point consider him the best in the game. But why will I say he’s no longer my best rapper? (of course I mean nigerian) Before you start raising your fake eye brows let me break it down, take you back down memory lane.

The first time I heard this soon-to-be my favorite rapper, I reached cloud9. Talk about grand entry, his debut single Omoge feat Mike Okri was way beyond where the industry was. His video was light years ahead of our best, his lyricism and flawless delivery on this track was beyond fresh and refreshing. The legendary Mike Okri laced a fine hook that still makes the track sound evergreen to my ears. Finally, we were getting it right with this one, or so I thought.

All these he did from abroad, so when he came to Nigeria to promote his music, I got the pleasure of seeing this golden boy (seriously I revered him that much). He was straight up real and hilarious, when I saw him answering callers on TV and even speaking the mother tongue. This was before MI and em, no offence. I think Mode9 and the SWAT Roots, RuggedMan, TrybesMen and a few other cats were running the show then. So his freshboy swag and different style was refreshing.

He would later drop his MoneyLong Mixtape- Product Of My Environment under Q-Beats (of Tee-Bills). His playful track Sanboribobo became the off-shoot single that would take over that year. Everything was looking perfect. Except he was no where to be found to promote this viral song. No video, No Shows! This I believe was the beginning of his undoing. To the extent that he became the scorn of the media and radio circle because he wouldn’t grant interviews or come for their shows.

At the other end, Q-beatz did not seem to worry, guess money was rolling in from other corners. Until he decided he needed to take his music seriously again. But Alas! A lot of damage had already been done. Remember I’m only painting this picture from my POV.

Fast-forward a couple good years, a lot of new acts came on board, meaning a stiffer competition. Sauce no doubt was now in a cross-fire of how to reclaim his shine. Should he sell-out or stick to his flows from Yankees? He would eventually drop a split-personality album titled African American under Storm Records. Unquestionable genius, but it would take more than this to reclaim his fan base in a now crowded industry and also make peace with the media world.

A couple more good joints, club bangers, dope videos and yet he can’t seem to get back to his rightful spot at the top. I know if he was 9ja’s recognised and acclaimed best rapper, we woulda had major collaborations with international rappers, especially now at a time when the Spot light is shining on our Nigerian musicians.

His nonchalant attitude to his music and disregard to the media people can only be blamed for this. I long to see the day when the E Don Dey Madt crooner would once again sit on the rap throne, until then he’s no longer my best rapper.



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