I recently ran into Wande Coal’s Mushin to Mohits debut and just had to cop it again. If only I knew I wasn’t prepared for what was in store for me. This album I have to certify my official best 9ja album.
It provides everything you want in an album and is fit for all seasons.

From the Intro track- I Know You Like It, he serenades with a story line that captures, in a playful way a rendition of what usually happens in a lot of dating relationships.

You Bad– takes you back to the beginning of an era itself. No doubt Wande Coal paved the way for a lot of 9ja artists today, even Wizkid and Tiwa Savage have both creditted him for being an inspiration. This song is graced and accentuated by the KokoMaster himself.

Listening through the album, I dare anyone to skip any track. Well arranged, the progression is like watching a Montage, every track complements the previous and sets the stage for the next. Don Jazzy’s productive dexterity is seen in its full glory on this album.

Se Ope– So you want to take it to the church, Voila! This primary school rhymes inspired song is just for everybody- Mommy, daddy, children, students, graduates, workers, everyOne.

Bumper to Bumper leaves any club scene out of control. If you wonna dance like a burning candle, this is the wax you’re looking for. Even on this dance song, Wande’s command of lyrics and rhymes comes out just beautiful and effortless. Too bad he didn’t cement it’s video with a signature dance though.

Who Born The Maga– My personal favorite, don’t ask why. This synergy of monster beat, impossible lyrics and bestial hook combines together to produce Frankenstein’s genius. Love it, Love it!

That’s Wots Up– Another dope beat that only leaves one fiending for more. This track talks about a journey to fame and now living the life. Who doesn’t like that!

The rest of the tracks leave a progressive crescendo of pleasurable sounds with support from his team. There’s- Kiss Your Hands, Confused, Now It’s All Gone, Bananas, Taboo, Jehovah, TenT en, My Grind.

Not forgetting the track that introduced this black diamond to us all

Ololufe– If ever a song ever told the story of love, this does. Purity in voice, unadulterated innocence and full of passion, this song makes you either remember a lost love or crave your future love to walk down the aisle, raise a family, grow old and even die with. This song reminds us the true essence of love. Little wonder ladies love the black one.

With these said. I certify this album 5 Full Stars!


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