Don’t Touch My Radio!

Don’t Touch My Radio.


Really I aint playin, don’t touch my radio main. There’s certain hours of the day you can’t tell me nothing- when I’m listening to Kanye or when I’m listening to my favorite OAPs on the radio. Even my momma knows that.

Call me boring, call me whatever but the radio is my favorite get-away. Where I listen to my favorite songs, hear the latest scoop on my favorite artists, call in to contribute on my favorite topical issues. The radio is my 411 box, nuff said.

I remember I couldn’t dare miss Wild Child (now IK) on Rhythm FM and Kemistry always had the juice. For the rap heads, JAJ kept it thorough on Top 7 Jamz. Dan Foster was just phenomenal and Olisa too on Cool FM. So many radio stations with their different flavours, some times I would think I needed more than one transistor radio or deck.

Beat FM and Wazobia FM came along and now the radio has never been more interesting. I never hide my feelings for Toolz (Beat FM OAP, Most Endowed, MEGN), I embrace it. Not like it’s a grammy or something but she did wave at me once at MMR so I’m not just your average fan or groupie… Yes I am shameless about my love for her (sigh).
Ok swiftly moving on, you just have to listen in to the now famous Handing-over on TheBeat to get the drift.

The radio is where you can always find me (listening i.e.) and I want to appreciate every presenter that has made it fun so far. Y’all have kept so many out of trouble, brought hearts together and saved lives, ok maybe i just over-did it but the radio for me is probably the best place to be.
…Well If you don’t know, now you know.

Your favorite radio kiddo sorry, boy next door… It’s Pressplay baeby!


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