The Up-coming Artist, The Talent and The Hustle

The Up-coming Artist, The Talent and The Hustle:

Music is all fun and games till you start taking it seriously, as a means to an end, or maybe even a full-time job. It’s a known fact that 9ja is blessed with talent, lots of of it. It’s also an undisputed fact that not up to 1% of these talents ever taste the lime-light. While it’s obvious that a lot of these cats got what it takes, you wonder why they not making it. Leaving us to question, what didn’t they get right?

The industry seems crowded, no doubt about it. In the famous words of Terry tha Rapman, “…every body and him papa wan rap.” But like they say, the ocean is big enough for all fish, the sky is big enough for the birds to fly. Coz every year sees some other artists rising from obscurity to basking in fame.

Music like every other art is subjective. What works for Tom might not work for Dick and might just be all Harry needs. I see a lot of dope rappers everyday with more swag than jay z and more punchlines than modenine, yet they remain either unrecognised or getting ripped off one way or the other. In short they just not making it happen like they should. The reason isn’t far-fetched.

Let’s face it, rappers are either lazy or broke. You claim music is μ̥я̥ hustle yet you aint ready to put your money where your mouth is. If you don’t put in the extra work why should any one be ready to put they money on you, yet niggas be like “mehn this industry is messed up, only wack niggas be making it.” Nigga please! We all know excuses are for losers.
It’s especially sad when I see rappers that actually put in work but getting no result coz they doing it wrong and hustling backwards.

I’ve studied the business side of the music, and what i found- the problem is not the industry. If you go to MTN’s office and scream GLO with pride! You just might get the same treatment you getting right now. Coz you doing it wrong.

Watch out for my next post for the part 2.


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