Locally International

I’ve always wanted out. As a kid I wanted to feel d snow. Wanted to taste d oyinbo’s lips, just a lil kiss dts all.lol I remember vividly my first time @ d airport it was like paradise to my virgin eyes. I took it all in, u cud say i lost my optical virginity dat nite. Ofcos I was quick to learn so many american slangs, e-bonics as we call’em. Wanted to stay upd8ed as far as fashion was concerned, even if it meant eating 2 square meals, I didn’t mind.
Everyone was watching local movies, I only wanted foreign everything. I barely knew what was being said buh I was pickin up a few words and understood them. I was a kid passionate with my dream. Then I discovered hip hop and how blacks were living it up (it would take some years for me to realise painfully how fake or sugar coated most music videos are.) I wanted this and not even a leonardo dicarprio kick straight out of inception was gonna stop me from this dream.
Fast forward a few good years, we still dey here o. No shaking, I full ground die. Ordinary ghana sef I neva smell. But seriously though, along came other things; economic instability, national insecurity, global recession, social responsibilities, all dis na excuse sha but I lost dt passion but d dream lingers. One day sha, maybe u’ll be my free ticket who knows (but dis no be corporate begging yo!)Lol
It’s still yo’boy next door. Pressplaybaeby


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