People ask me why rap? My immediate semi-automatic reply- “Why not?” Before I get all gangster on μ̥я̥ medieval *ss leme take u on a trip that’ll make yall marvel while making μ̥я̥ mind travel, don’t worry it’s a free visa.
I’ve sampled most all music genres, and while they all provide pleasure to the ears of their subjective listeners, it’s only rap that has successfully hit me in tha nuts and grabbed me by the jugular, so you can say it’s got me on a choke-hold.
Rap is rhythm meets harmony on a banging beat. Rap is the lyricist and his Dj or producer. It’s the white-tees on timberland boots or white sneakers. It’s the Swag. And I didn’t even mean to brag.
Even before I understood rap, I luvd rap. Before I found my first love I’v always had an affair with rap music, and our romance only gets deeper. We never break up, but we always be making up.
This blog is gonna be vast but majorly I’ll try to concentrate on the reason we are here- Rap and all that it represents. So if u like what u read why not keep it trill, tell sombody that know sombody and phone a friend. In otherwords since we be keeping it all kosher, why don’t you just lay back, take a whiff and Puff Puff Pass.


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