Top 12 Rappers of 2012

Top 12 rappers of 2012. The year 2012 no doubt blessed us with a lot of dope songs from the best in the rap game. And just like the 12 disciples you bet your’s truly has been following their careers- the ups and downs, rumors and shocking revelations, glits and glamour, the dope and the […]

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Locally International

I’ve always wanted out. As a kid I wanted to feel d snow. Wanted to taste d oyinbo’s lips, just a lil kiss dts I remember vividly my first time @ d airport it was like paradise to my virgin eyes. I took it all in, u cud say i lost my optical virginity […]

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The-Rapist People ask me why rap? My immediate semi-automatic reply- “Why not?” Before I get all gangster on μ̥я̥ medieval *ss leme take u on a trip that’ll make yall marvel while making μ̥я̥ mind travel, don’t worry it’s a free visa. I’ve sampled most all music genres, and while they all provide pleasure to […]

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