Going Out With A BANG! (2012 in review)

The year 2012 fades off leaving us with a lot to remember, celebrate and dance to. In fashion, movies and especially, the music industry. Without a doubt this is the wrongest time not to own a BB or an iphone to capture all these wonderful moments. Bloggers blogged, twitter and facebook went berserk, not to mention the rest of the social net-dom as every week came with it’s own events, gossips, songs and shows. The entertainment scene witnessed a lot of new acts that hit us with their different p’s with old acts like timaya coming back with new styles that changed the dance scene.

There was also a lot of shockers, most notable being the colossal split between the two Mohits music maestros, koko master Dbanj and DonJazzy. So many of us still haven’t gotten over the shock, why dbanj? why donjazzy? And yes, donjazzy does speak, and tweet too. Now we have Mavin records where Mohits used to be, and dbanj rocking with Good Music. A lot of speculations have trailed this split but it seems there may be more to it than meets the untrained eye.

Another dangerous split was from the squareville. No, not between the twins but Psquare and May D also parted ways. Reasons yet unknown but official report says irreconcilable differences. It can be recalled that since his official signing to the label sometime late last year, May D has proven a force to reckon with in the nigerian music industry having dropped chart busters like Chop my money with Psquare which got an Akon remix, his own singles Ile Ijo and Sound track went viral and he became a toast to stake holders in the industry who were quick to jump on features with him.

This year also saw artists like davido, iyanya and wizkid dominating the air waves with a lot of dance songs and state of the art music videos. Iyanya’s kukere and” μ̥я̥ waist” are no doubt strong contenders for songs of the year thanks also to his etighi dance. His prominence continues relentless, of course it does help to have some of the hottest nollywood actresses fighting over you.

Tonto Dikeh joined the train to follow the suit of actresses exploring their musical talents as she dropped a few singles that definitely generated a lot of internet buzz and raised eye-brows. “Hi” one of her singles even went on to set a record as one of the most downloaded singles of the year. Well let’s kick back and wish her a successful career transition as it unfurls.

Davido has had a very successful career this year and has been an unstoppable teenager since he first dropped his Back When video last year. Even his age became a trending topic. His birthday was more or less a concert gig as several friends and fellow artists turned up to mark his 20th bday at Deuces. Notably wizkid was no where to be found, strengthening the rumor about their fall-out. He managed to get a dent on his fresh boy image when a compromising picture of the kid surfaced online thanks to his supposed one-night stand. Now we all just wonna ask him “your girlfriend is fresher than who?”Lol

Wizkid the superstar continues to break grounds making the world quake on his journey to global domination. He is currently a toast in the american music industry having signed under Akon’s Konvict music. Pictures constantly surfacing on the internet of him in the studio with the likes of The Game, Young Jeezy, Wale, kardinal official and the list goes on. His newest bestie CB, yes chris breezy himself even went on giving the kid a shout-out by propping his Dance For Me video on instagram. Well brother, we can only wish you all the best.

Tuface finally tied the knot with his long time rainbow and boo, Annie macaulay in a secret wedding in london. To the dismay of his tons of female fans he has officially quit the singles market. His singles are far from quitting though as his album is currently sitting on charts.

The divas in the industry are definitely stamping their feet down in their expensive louboutins and saying they are here to stay. Notable among these are the savvy Tiwa Savage, colorful Eva Alordiah who doubles as a fashionista, the uber-sexy Seyi Shay, delectible Omawumi and the feisty Waje to mention a few. With their angelic voices and devilish beauties, it’s hard not to be spell bound and dance to their irresistible tunes.

2012 also saw a lot of new artists bring their fresh sounds and attitudes to the scene
Burna boy topping the list got the ladies dripping wet at the poolside with his Like to Party video. His follow up single Tonight only proves he aint playing around and he’s here to stay. Of course he did fall off the stage at the headies and picked up a tweetfight with Tonto Dikeh but these have only made him more relevant.
Hypertek’s very own, Dammy Krane is without a doubt one of the biggest things to hit the music scene this year. With tracks like My Dear and Ligali, he’s doing a great job bridging the gap between Fuji and contemporary hip hop. His contagious energic stage craft only further consolidates him as a true entertainer.
Ajebutter 22 also hit us with his different sound and swag with Omo Pastor and Serenre. He’s currently enjoying a lot of love in the industry.
From the stables of knight house, Phenom is literarily busting up the charts with banging rap songs like Omo Naija and Murder dem. The list of these new acts only goes on and we wish them all the best.

It’s safe to say this year leaves a lot of promise and has only set the stage for a better 2013. Well all we can do now is enjoy the beautiful sounds of 9ja and dance our *sses off to their unrelenting beats. Catch me trying not to break my hips doing this etighi dance and hopefully we’re looking forward to the next dance to take over from azonto. On this note I wish you all a super-duper new year’s.

Your favorite boy next door- Just Pressplaybaeby.


Top 12 Rappers of 2012

Top 12 rappers of 2012.
The year 2012 no doubt blessed us with a lot of dope songs from the best in the rap game. And just like the 12 disciples you bet your’s truly has been following their careers- the ups and downs, rumors and shocking revelations, glits and glamour, the dope and the straight up ratchet.
ROCNation, YMCMB and MMG held the music industry hostage, no ransome.
At the homefront CHOC city, EME, Storm Records and some other labels kept hiphop alive.
These are the 12 rappers that really shook the industry this year, in no particular order.

-The Throne: This is what happens when Superman joins forces with IronMan. Jay Z and Kanye West team up to produce what is arguably the year’s most classy album. Rap’s Power couples with Beyonce and Kim Kardashian respectively. You can’t help but hate them, just a little for having it all.

-Rick Ross: Certified Boss and unarguably the industries most hard-working hustler at the moment. Not even two back to back seizures could hold him back. Touring globally, and also making a stop here in Africa only to release his controversial Hold Me Back Nigeria video shoot. No stranger to beef, at the BET awards he engaged in a backstage brawl with Young Jeezy. He also established his MMG team, including 9ja’s very own, Wale.

-Lil Wayne- Critically acclaimed Best lyricist in the rap game at the moment, Lil Tunechi as he’s called proves he’s here to resuscitate the hip hop he’s blamed to have “deaded.” Bringing his young money crew along, almost every track he touched this year he has scorched.

-Nicki Minaj- Hate her, Love her you can’t help but pay her attention. If the lyrics don’t get you, her booty sure will. She has taken feMCing to the pinnacle like no other. Crossing every sacred borderline with her music, fashion and stage performances, She is undisputably the best thing to happen to the female industry, shutting down all competition. And she does this all for her “Barbs.”

-Drake: October’s Very Own, Drake remains the hook-monster. The young money’s heir to the throne has blessed more features this year than any other. Diced Pineapples, No Lie, Amen, F*cking Problems, are just some of the big hits he blessed. Always in and out of relationships, he also had an ugly club scene bottle-throwing bout with Chris brown, I think we all know what that was about.

-Kendrick Lamar: Another artist that debutted heavily this year under the aeges of AfterMath records. Dr Dre’s proud protege so you bet his productive prominence can’t go wrong.

-Vector tha Viper: YSG’s golden boy dominated the Nigerian rap industry this year, gracing several dance songs and dropping his critically acclaimed BarRacks mixtape, if u missed it, go cop that. A lyrical viper in Jay z’s footsteps, his video with Mavado is currently sitting on charts. His recently released sophomore album The Second Coming is fast scoring good points.

-Phenom: Knighthouse General as he’s popularly called is no doubt the future. With energetic flows, mad hooks and banging beat, he’s literarily busting up the charts. Watch out for this one.

-BlackMagic: One third of the three wise men from Syndicate records, Blackmagic is the business. His style is unique and can only best be described by him. Tracks like Rainbow, Confam and Repete have become favorite serenades especially to the ladies.

Olamide: Following in Dagrin’s footsteps Olamide has taken yoruba rap to the next level. His YBNL album is arguably the best rap album this year, even his slangs are all over the streetz. With no signs of slowing down, the best is only to be expected.

Phyno- This Ibo boy is no doubt the hottest thing from the east right now. Lacing the hooks to some of the finest tracks and also dropping heavy bars. Watch out for this cat.

Eva Alordiah- Some would call her 9ja Nicki Minaj for her colorful style. She’s definitely all that and a bag of chips. A tripple threat in every meaning of the tag. Her latest video, a parody animation Big-Biggie has gone viral. Her creative ingenuity must be appreciated for just what it is… genuine.

So many other rappers generated a lot of buzz this year, feel free to mention your favorites.
Can’t wait to see what nexr year holds.in store. Like Hov would say, now we On to the Next One.

Locally International

I’ve always wanted out. As a kid I wanted to feel d snow. Wanted to taste d oyinbo’s lips, just a lil kiss dts all.lol I remember vividly my first time @ d airport it was like paradise to my virgin eyes. I took it all in, u cud say i lost my optical virginity dat nite. Ofcos I was quick to learn so many american slangs, e-bonics as we call’em. Wanted to stay upd8ed as far as fashion was concerned, even if it meant eating 2 square meals, I didn’t mind.
Everyone was watching local movies, I only wanted foreign everything. I barely knew what was being said buh I was pickin up a few words and understood them. I was a kid passionate with my dream. Then I discovered hip hop and how blacks were living it up (it would take some years for me to realise painfully how fake or sugar coated most music videos are.) I wanted this and not even a leonardo dicarprio kick straight out of inception was gonna stop me from this dream.
Fast forward a few good years, we still dey here o. No shaking, I full ground die. Ordinary ghana sef I neva smell. But seriously though, along came other things; economic instability, national insecurity, global recession, social responsibilities, all dis na excuse sha but I lost dt passion but d dream lingers. One day sha, maybe u’ll be my free ticket who knows (but dis no be corporate begging yo!)Lol
It’s still yo’boy next door. Pressplaybaeby


People ask me why rap? My immediate semi-automatic reply- “Why not?” Before I get all gangster on μ̥я̥ medieval *ss leme take u on a trip that’ll make yall marvel while making μ̥я̥ mind travel, don’t worry it’s a free visa.
I’ve sampled most all music genres, and while they all provide pleasure to the ears of their subjective listeners, it’s only rap that has successfully hit me in tha nuts and grabbed me by the jugular, so you can say it’s got me on a choke-hold.
Rap is rhythm meets harmony on a banging beat. Rap is the lyricist and his Dj or producer. It’s the white-tees on timberland boots or white sneakers. It’s the Swag. And I didn’t even mean to brag.
Even before I understood rap, I luvd rap. Before I found my first love I’v always had an affair with rap music, and our romance only gets deeper. We never break up, but we always be making up.
This blog is gonna be vast but majorly I’ll try to concentrate on the reason we are here- Rap and all that it represents. So if u like what u read why not keep it trill, tell sombody that know sombody and phone a friend. In otherwords since we be keeping it all kosher, why don’t you just lay back, take a whiff and Puff Puff Pass.