Streetz Ti Take Over

Streetz Ti Take Over! Disclaimer: Errr If you can’t do the “Shaku-Shaku” dance kindly move to the next post, cos this is clearly not for you. And in the famous words of Small Doctor, “If You No Get Money… (Well you know the rest). Now, I believe that makes you reading this either “Omo Shepeteri” […]

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Tribute To The OAPs

First off, let me fumigate this space. I think the spiders came back for their Web (better spiders than rodents right? Shout out to Aso rock). Well, It’s been a minute and I don’t miss you all. But you know I say this only cos I really do. (OK, swiftly moving on) So I noticed […]

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The List That Got Rappers Shook!

The List That Got Rappers Shook! NotjustOk recently compiled a list of their top 10 Most gifted 9ja rappers and the industry went berserk. Every rapper that didn’t make the cut basically went caustic on Twitter. I won’t say I totally agree with the list but it seems pretty accurate. Although to disambiguate a rapper […]

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Read Between The Lines Already!

Read Between The Lines Already! I try to shy away from controversial posts but some things are just too glaring it’s blindening. I’m tired of listening to arguments about he said she said what? Come on mehn, some things shouldn’t even be said coz they’re right thurr. First of all (before you go down low), […]

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LOVE Is Magic

Found this poem I wrote once upon a love story so I thought I’d share it with yall. Here it goes… Love should be simple, not so complicated Something like cartoons, but not so animated Love like a child- innocent, true and pure Not like a wild adult- manipulative and insecure Love is a sickness, […]

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